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I am a full stack web developer keen on Ruby on Rails framework and very comfortable with React.js / React-Native. A strong believer in test driven development, my coding practice is focused and tidy while being timely on productivity. I am a persistent person who is passionate about coding and always have a lingering appetite to learn.


OAuth provider
How to build an OAuth provider with user management in Ruby on Rails.
React with Thrift API
React JS client with an Apache Thrift API.

Recent Projects

React To-Do app
Redux + React JS client with Rails 5 API backend. AWS Cognito handles users authentications.
30 seconds of code
Realizing Javascript does not have a Dig method like Ruby does, I put together a snippet and merged to this popular JS library.
Dig-deep gem
Ruby's dig method is nice for simple hashes. For nested hash, it needs more power. I wrote this gem to dig through deeply nested hash with ease.

Earlier fun stuffs

YouTube Fun
Built with Node.js
Search for a YouTube video and it will play across every client simultaneously.
Kids Chat
Built with Node.js
Instant chat across all clients.
Build-in foul word filter.
Live user online status.
Biz Contact Organizer
Built with Angular js and Yeoman. Data is stored in local storage. Search through database by name, company or email.

You and me... Where are we?

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